Fire Training

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Fire Training

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Legislation requires all employers to ensure that their employees are provided with adequate fire safety training. To help employers meet their legal obligations, Annett Fire offer a range of professional training courses to ensure staff are have the skills and knowledge required should and incident arise.

Having a team of competent, trained employees can help to protect your premises and personnel in the event of an emergency. Preparing effectively will ensure that your team acts promptly and safely in the event of a fire breaking out.

We offer a range of courses that can be tailored to suit your needs

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Ideal for any business, the course is a Fire Safety theory course where attendees will gain knowledge in the actions and procedures to follow in the event of a fire. This course is designed for all employees and involves a ‘hands on’ practical experience using portable firefighting equipment to extinguish a fire.

Fire Extinguisher Training

This fire safety training course is suited to all businesses and focuses on the use of fire extinguishers in the workplace. Fire Extinguisher Training can be used as an introduction to fire extinguishers. This course is designed for all employees and involves a ‘hands on’ practical experience using portable firefighting equipment to extinguish a fire.

Fire Warden Training/Fire Marshall Training

This course is for specific employees who have been delegated to assist their employer by fulfilling the role of Fire Warden (or Fire Marshall). Fire Wardens perform a critical role in your business. To reduce the risk of fire they may be asked to identify potential fire hazards. In the event of a fire they may be asked to help ensure the safe evacuation of staff / customers from your premises. This course is designed to help Fire Wardens learn and understand their role and responsibilities within current fire safety legislation. This interactive course is a combination of theory and ‘hands on’ practical experience using portable firefighting equipment on a fire.

Fire Training FAQ

  • How often should you do fire training?

     Fire training should be conducted by businesses at least once a year to refresh employees on the precautions to take in regards to fire safety. If you have a high level of staff turnover, fire training should be conducted more frequently.

  • Is fire training compulsory?

    Yes, fire training is compulsory for employees across Ireland. Fire Training must be given by a professional fire safety company such as Annett Fire Prevention.

  • What is the best type of fire training for my company?

    This all depends on what you require from your company fire training. If you’re unsure of this, get on to Annett Fire Prevention today, who can help you decide on the best fire safety training to choose for your individual business safety requirements.

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