Fire Suppression Systems

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Fire Suppression Systems

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Would your kitchen staff be ready to tackle appliance fires? Remove the need for human intervention and manage the risk by installing an Ansul R-102 suppression system. It’s a reliable and effective solution for protecting kitchens from fires and is tailor-made around your kitchen’s appliances, hoods and ducts


The system operates automatically to efficiently extinguish fires with a low pH, non-corrosive agent. If the temperature near a detector rises too high the fusible link will separate and release the tension in the wire rope – this causes the nitrogen cartridge to become punctured and the gas then forces the extinguishing agent out of the tanks and through a series of pipework and nozzles which spray the protected equipment knocking down flames and cooling the source of ignition.


Annett Fire can provide a kitchen fire suppression system with detection and suppression options
available to suit any scenario possible in your kitchen.


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Annett Fire Prevention Fire Safety Solutions

Here at Annett Fire Prevention, we specialise in installing the Ansul R102 Fire Suppression System. Modern kitchens are often a major fire hazard because of their constant high-ranging temperatures and flammable liquids concentration. Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems, provided and installed by the team at Annett Fire Prevention, is a market leader of fire safety in dealing with kitchen fire risks. Annett Fire can provide a kitchen fire suppression system with detection and suppression options available to suit any dangerous fire scenario that could occur in your kitchen.

We can provide a service and maintenance agreement tailored to suit your needs, whether you’re a single site or part of a multi-site nationwide account. We can Design, Install and Maintain your Ansul R102 System to UL300, NFPA 96 and NFPA 17a Standards.

Fire Safety Suitable for All Properties

Fire Safety Suitable for All Properties

  • Domestic Fire Suppression Systems

  • Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

  • Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

  • Office Fire Suppression Systems

  • Apartment Block Fire Suppression Systems

  • Multi-Tenant Rental Property Fire Suppression Systems

  • Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

  • Hospital Fire Suppression Systems

  • School Fire Suppression Systems

  • Custom-Made Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems FAQ

  • What are the benefits of a fire suppression system?

    The main benefit of a fire suppression system is that it can stop a fire from getting out of control should it break out in your property. Fire suppression systems use a mix of fire doors, sprinkler systems, fire safety vents and more to stop a fire from spreading and causing damage to property, belongings, and lives.

  • How much does it cost to get a fire safety system installed?

    The price of installation for fire safety systems vary depending on the size of your property. Get in touch with Annett Fire Preventin for an accurate quote today- we offer free site evaluations to give you a quote that you can trust.

  • What is a fire suppression system?

     A fire suppression system is a specific type of fire safety system designed to prevent, suppress, and contain fires in a property. This is done using a number of safety features including sprinklers, chemicals, vents, and more.

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